Hey, I'm Hannah, the founder of Calm a Mama. My family and I live in a blue house with a deep front porch in Providence, RI.

When I was 27-years-old and pregnant with my first child I first started making Calm Drops, the original Calm-A-Mama product. My husband and I were then living in and renovating a historic building in northern Rhode Island.

I had already experienced anxiety before my pregnancy, but the way I felt when pregnant was different and more challenging. I found myself holed up in the guest room for many days in a row, willing myself to leave, but feeling to scared to do so. I had frustratingly few options for treatment because of practitioners’ concerns for the safety of the pregnancy. This feeling of helplessness ignited the creator in me.

When I was growing up, my mother tended a large summertime garden with many edible plants and herbs. I learned about cultivating and herbs and about their many medicinal properties. I was even exposed to a love of plants in the womb— while pregnant with me, my mom made lavender sachets and sold them at the local farmers market.

Anxiety shows up in so many different ways. I have experienced an inability to concentrate, worrying thoughts and a racing mind, heart palpitations, intense feelings of dread, and fear of dying or becoming incapable of caring for myself and my family. All of these intensified during pregnancy and I found that the drops that I made from plants [MAYBE BE SPECIFIC ABOUT WHICH ONES YOU STARTED WITH? SAY WHY THEY WORK?] addressed both my physical and emotional symptoms.  

I was excited that the drops worked so well, and I wanted to share them with other moms and families with similar needs. Since we launched, Calm-A-Mama has won the acclaimed Natural Launchpad Grant awarded by Burt's Bees, achieved placement on the shelves of Whole Foods and become certified as a Women Owned business.

Calm-A-Mama has enriched my life in more ways then I can count, but the most dramatic has been the stories of how these products have helped women through difficult times. I brought an old friend drops in the hospital after she had delivered a five-pound-baby and was feeling terrified and overwhelmed— being able to leave her with a tool that I knew could help was incredibly rewarding.

When I am not working, I love to walk the streets of Providence listening to hip hop loud enough to quell my racing thoughts, shop for the perfect bag, or treat my family to our favorite donuts.