Chichanella Bella Swimwear

Intrigued by the styles of days gone by and inspired by my grandmother's ability to be so content and happy with the simpler things in life I created this whimsical children's swimwear line, Chichanella Bella Swimwear, to recapture the days of innocence.

I have an affinity for the more feminine and delicate fashions of earlier decades. This collection reflects influences of the 1920's through the 1950's. Ruffles, flowers, polka dots and stripes give this vintage inspired swimwear line for babies and children a nostalgic feel. Paired with matching hats adorned with ruffles, flowers and bows, the swimsuits carry such whimsical names as Pink Taffy, Cotton Candy, Lifeguard Lu Lu and Seaside Sweetheart. Thoughtful touches such as snap bottoms and hand rolled flowers are just some of the details that make this collection distinct.

Chichanella Bella was the nickname my Grandmom Mary gave me as a child. She always said it meant, beautiful little one. My Grandmom was a widow who worked as a seamstress. She dedicated her life to her three daughters. She was a simple woman who never learned to drive, never flew in a plane or ventured far from home yet was as happy and content as can be. Mary Mastroeni's life and ways always remind me to slow down, enjoy the natural gifts in life and find happiness inside my own four walls.

This company is a tribute to her life.