Faceplant Dreams

Life is a dream. 

I learned early on that studying before I slept made the facts spin through my dreams and the concepts clearer when I awoke.  In times of bustling business travel, a hotel I frequented left a handwritten, personal note on my pillow each evening.  It made me smile and gave me respite from the craziness of my day.  These two experiences formed the foundation of Faceplant Dreams.  The words, comfort or experience you give yourself before you "Faceplant" into your pillow, inspire your dreams.

The research is clear, deep sleep with time to dream is integral to our health and well-being.  We're dedicated to inspiring your sweet dreams.

Life is a dream.  Make yours sweet.

Faceplant is committed to conducting our business the way we conduct our lives.  We believe in doing the right thing even when no one is looking.

We aspire to build loyal relationships with our customers who can always expect to be treated with honesty and respect. We stand behind our cozy sleepwear and accessories--if there is ever a concern, just call us and we'll be happy to make it right. Read some of our favorite love notes from customers by clicking here. 

Our office space feels like home, complete with a living room, kitchen and bunk house for employees or friends who need a place to crash. We collect rain water to irrigate. We play fun music. We cook lunches together, and sometimes even dinner. We keep chickens in the yard and share the fresh eggs – if you decide to drop by, we hope you like omelets.

Faceplant is truly a family of friends and our goal is to always make you feel a part of our family when you call or email. Please join us on any or all of our social media sites to join in on our fun, and so we can get to know you better too.