For Beloved Children

For Beloved Children brand creates unique, globally inspired, well made, and beautiful clothing that celebrates those magical years when newborns transform into young adults. Our goal is to offer high-quality yet affordable clothing for our beloved children—the kind of clothes they love to wear (and wear and wear).

For Beloved Children is constantly developing innovative, fun and approachable apparel, accessories and products. Our clothes are for children of every shape and size, who want to express themselves freely and boldly. Specializing in beautiful, playful and wearable dress-up knits; and the brand has successfully selling the carefully crafted garments to boutiques across the country.

Our design, merchandising, manufacturing and sales staff are constantly working together to show a new collection multiple times a year. As we have 100% ownership in well experienced production facilities, we are able to have full control of every part of the business process. We never outsource any part of the procedure. We prevent any hazardous chemicals from getting into our products, and we are always able to source the most beautiful trendy and fashionable fabrics, trims and accessories. Thus, we are able to offer wallet friendly prices to our beloved customers.


We love giving kids quality, because it matters. Let's give our children freedom to explore play. Our clothes are for children to have fun in, and most of our garments are easily washable at home, so you can always encourage your beloved ones to get out there and play, even in our fanciest dresses