Getting Sew Crafty

As a mom of 2 boys I live in a world of cars, legos, monster trucks, and blue everywhere. I am short in stature and sarcastic in nature. My wine is plentiful, red and pairs well with Pringles. GSC was hatched while I was pregnant with my second son in October of 2014. My urge to craft came full force and never went away. I yearn to craft amazing pieces loved by women and baby alike. I want my necklaces to be statement pieces that can be worn by an office career woman as well as the homemaker. I am proud and humbled to say GSC products have been sent to over 45 stockists all over the country. We are in mom and pop shops as well as bigger woman and baby stores. I have sold retail orders to customers all over the world and I am proud to have sent a little bit of my heart out with each and every shipment I send, big or small.