The HAMICO toothbrush for babies and adults was designed by a veteran Japanese dentist searching for a more pleasurable and effective way of brushing teeth - especially for those who struggle with sensitive gum and teeth. With over 30 years of experience working with patients with all types of oral problems such as receding gums and small jaws,  he knew he could reinvent the toothbrush and help to resolve people’s daily concerns. 

After testing 100 design prototypes with over 50 different dentists, the Hamico toothbrush,  with its ergonomic handles and Ultra-Gentle bristle technology, was born.  In addition, Hamico’s founder, Kiyoshi Kanemoto, adopted an advanced printing process which allows contemporary designs by talented U.S. artists to be printed with safety-coatings on the toothbrush handles without washing away. 

Soon after, BABY HAMICO was introduced as a leap in family oral care.  Our research showed that 1 out 4 babies have injured themselves with a toothbrush and many parents were struggling to get babies to let them brush their teeth.  Kanemoto believed that this should be a pleasurable family experience instead.  Now, for the first time, there is a toothbrush available that will not only help babies enjoy brushing their teeth but also develop long-lasting oral hygiene habits.  The HAMICO toothbrushes, designed and made in Japan with uncompromising quality and personable patterns, are quite simply the best toothbrushes designed for you and your family.