Lionheart Lamb

Lionheart Lamb is designed and produced by a team of women. From the design inspiration, to the pattern development, artistry and even the tags and labels. Every piece of our product supports women who own and run their businesses in the United States. 

The artwork is done by Patricia Kyle, Maureen's mother, who raised 4 children, 3 of them girls who went on to successful careers in their chosen field. 

The spring/summer line that launched Lionheart Lamb was manufactured by a female power-team, Forma Apparel in Beachwood.

The most recent round of dresses were produced by Esperanza Threads. This organization finds women in the Northeast Ohio area, mostly refugees, who are trained as seamstresses and then given jobs.

“At Esperanza Threads we train unemployed and underemployed people in the skills needed to get jobs in the thriving Cleveland garment industry. We empower people with the ability to get fair paying jobs in order to support their families.”