Little Sleepies


I'm so happy you're here. A little bit about us...


First of all, I love pajamas. I love wearing them and I love putting my kids in them. 

After my son was born in the summer of 2016, I was frustrated by the complete lack of what I was looking for in the sleepwear market.  It seemed there were two options: low-priced, low quality, mass market PJs, or super expensive, but more luxe offerings. Also... can we discuss snaps? Buttons? Who wants to deal with that during middle of the night diaper changes?!

I spent the next year and a half researching fabrics, manufacturers, and designing the perfect pajamas... and here we are today!  Soft, sustainable, cute pajamas that are also functional and affordable! 


Growing up, my mom would call my brother and I her “little sleepies” when it was time to go to bed. I now use this sweet nickname on my own young children so it felt like a natural fit! 


Besides outfitting little ones in the perfect PJs, it has always been important to me to give back in some way. That's why I'm very proud to say that Little Sleepies donates a percentage of all sales to Alex's Lemonade Stand Foundation, an amazing charity dedicated to finding a cure for childhood cancer. 


Originally from Miami, I started and ran three businesses by the time I graduated from college. I then moved to LA to work in the movie industry, where I spent over 15 years as a studio executive. Founding and running Little Sleepies is a return to my entrepreneurial instincts and, more importantly, allows me to spend more time with my two children, Sienna and Gavin.

Follow along with our day to day adventures here!