Rockin Baby

You buy, we give.

Rockin’ Baby was founded in 2002 to provide stylish baby slings to fashionable moms, primarily on America’s West Coast. Kathryn Wiley saw a reputable brand delivering a high quality baby product, and in it the opportunity to start a movement. She purchased Rockin’ Baby in 2011, and transformed it into a one-for-one philanthropic business model. For every baby sling sold, one would be donated to an earthquake-stricken mother in Haiti.

As Rockin’ Baby has grown and expanded into childrenswear, so has our mission of giving. We now partner with well-managed non-profit organizations around the world to donate slings and childrenswear to needy mothers and children – child-to-child, mother-to-mother.

We now practice our core values daily, supporting our community through high-quality products and the opportunity to help mothers in need. While slings remain a core product at the heart of the Rockin’ Baby brand, our childrenswear collections for babies, and young boys and girls, are fashionable, colorful, and desirable to fashion-savvy parents and their children. Our products can be found in Rockin’ Baby stores and participating retail outlets around the world. When you buy a Rockin’ Baby product, you’re buying something made by a team of talented designers, sewers, and cutters, using fabrics sourced fairly and sustainably, and using low-impact dyes.

At the forefront, always, is our dedication to helping others.