While watching my teething niece, I dug in my purse for ANYTHING that would calm that fussy teething baby. What I found, she just LOVED. . . It was my dirty set of car keys! Eeew! I knew there had to be a cleaner and safer product that would give the relief she needed. When I couldn't find anything on the market that would soothe all of the symptoms and also be safe enough to put her down with, I took on the incredible journey of creating Toofeze.


I persuaded my daughter, Rachel, to help me early on in the process, and she has been my partner and confidant every step of the way. 


We strongly believe that Toofeze is hands-down the most effective teething tool on the market today. Toofeze is functional, convenient, and allows the baby to easily manage their pain independently giving parents the relief they need too! We have yet to meet a baby that doesn’t absolutely love it!

We are dedicated to raising the standard for acceptable baby teethers and making Toofeze an enduring must-have teething remedy. 


- Suellen Riedel, Owner & Creator

The COOLEST teether ever