Our Mission


Viverano, a USA based small family business, was founded in 2013 with a simple mission to offer pure, beautiful, comfortable, nurturing and sustainable products in the most environmentally, socially and economically responsible manner.

This mission led us to partner with a strong and fast-growing social cooperative of smallholder rural farmers in India that is dedicated to enhancing living standards and improving livelihood options by making their farm systems more sustainable and profitable, and creating access to ethical and robust Fairtrade markets for organic cotton. Their sole mission is to promote ‘Agro Ecological Agriculture’ which is based on the three core principles of sustainability - social, environment and economic factors for livelihoods enhancement.

 The Company:

 “A blissful summer day, brewing with love, joy and laughter, all our loved ones play. This miracle of mother nature, blessing it is today and every day."

 ‘Viverano’, the name is a mash up of the Latin word ‘Vivere’ meaning ‘to live’, and the Spanish word ‘Verano’ meaning ‘summer’. In essence, Viverano the brand, stands for living a full and healthy life in complete harmony with Nature.

All our products are carefully curated for their design, quality and functionality. They are then produced at a state of the art, GOTS & Fairtrade certified facility in the most humane, loving and earth-friendly way possible.

 We are constantly expanding and now offer a fine selection of organic cotton products for the home (throws, bedding & bathrobes), women’s apparel & accessories (ponchos, kimonos, cardigans and knitted scarves), and full range of baby clothing.

Our Commitment:

We believe that a healthy planet is absolutely critical for every living being. We want to act responsibly, live sustainably and within our means, and leave behind a green planet whose beauty and biodiversity is protected and nurtured for generations to come.

As parents, we can educate our little ones early on the benefits of pure, non-toxic, healthy, sustainable and eco-friendly choices is imperative in keeping our planet green and habitable for eons.

We think that businesses and products can inspire solutions to the environmental and social crisis, and that we owe a tremendous amount (fair labor practices, quality of life and safe working conditions) to those who toil away at the bottom of supply chain in the farming; textile industries, the unsung heroes of agriculture who make all of this possible.

All our products are carefully produced for their design, quality and functionality. Our entire supply chain starting from harvesting of the raw materials through environmentally and socially responsible manufacturing all the way to labeling, uses ethical and sustainable practices adhered to the highest standards.

We also use recyclable, biodegradable and sustainable packaging for all our organic cotton products.

It is our hope that you enjoy what we offer with mindful consideration of our children and planet’s future, and that it helps to make your life simpler, healthier and carefree.

“The Earth is what we all have in common.” ― Wendell Berry