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Misty +Jessica,

Two awesome moms who share love for quality baby clothing, and exceptionally well made toys. Both from diverse backgrounds in psychology and business, together bringing their love for children, and concern for chemical free clothing for babies to bring you the best selection of organic clothing in Chesapeake Virginia. it is our mission to provide parents and grandparents with an exceptional experience in our boutique, one that will leave you amazed and satisfied that you are leaving with a great quality product, that will be sure to last for generations. Your baby's health and comfort is our number one goal! We can't wait to meet you. 

About Misty

It all started in a little mountain town in North Carolina, called Asheville, a quaint and beautiful community rich in the arts and the organic lifestyle . A place where natural beauty and natural clothing go hand in hand. Our family spent 7 years there learning about the benefits of using organic products, and becoming well immersed in the natural lifestyle, free of chemicals and toxic metals. We raised 5 little girls and made painful mistakes when they were babies by unknowingly exposing them to clothing that contained harsh chemicals and pesticides. Through education and awareness we opened our eyes to the dangers our babies were being exposed to, and decided to open an organic baby boutique here in our new home, Chesapeake Virginia, to share our love for these unique organic baby brands in hopes of one day eliminating childhood ailments and disabilities. We are so excited to share our joy of all things organic for your baby, from our home to yours!

About Jessica

My story doesn't have any unique start, I feel it starts like most moms. I was about to have my first child and I was overwhelmed by a desire to provide and do the best I could for her. I don't feel like I was as informed with her as I was by the time I had my son 4 years later, but now both of their lives reflect my passion for protecting them in every aspect possible. I remember being on a hunt for the softest pajamas ever for my sweet baby boy, when a window of knowledge opened up SO much more. I had no idea the amount of toxins and chemicals that were in the clothing that I was putting on my daughter, and was getting ready to put on him. The same clothing that she was chewing on, sleeping in, sweating in, playing in! From clothing, to toys, to food, to gear, the doors kept opening. 

Between being a Mom, and understanding how hard it is at times to be a Mom, and the passion and belief I have in the items we carry at our shop I knew this store and the items in it was something that we needed to share. Our shop isn't just a store to me, its a place for Moms to come and talk, to vent, to learn. It's a place to come and get the items you follow online, and to touch them in person! Most importantly its a place for me, where Mom's can come and know that we may not always relate or understand but we will always listen, because as moms we get that sometimes we just need Mom Talk! So come in and let's get to know each other!