Little Pants Black - Le Bébé Chic Boutique
Little Pants Black - Le Bébé Chic Boutique
Little Pants Black - Le Bébé Chic Boutique

Happy Our Little Pants Black

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Jump higher in the little pants that are so light and comfortable! Designed for every mini-me. Great to wear under any shirt or dress.


Double knitted fabric with 70% bamboo and 30% organic cotton. Hand wash and flat dry is always recommended for best care but for easy care machine wash cold and tumble dry low.

Incredibly Soft

Bamboo fiber is heavenly soft and silky. The more you wash the softer it gets.

Extremely Breathable

It is more breathable than most kinds of fabric. It helps regulating baby's body temperature and does not trap odor.



Anti bacterial. Helps the skin stay allergy-free and prevents skin irritation due to eczema or other allergy related conditions.

Highly Absorbent

Bamboo absorbs water 3-4 times better than other fabrics which means it doesn’t stick to skin in hot weather.

 UV Protection

Naturally UV protectant that protects the baby’s delicate skin from the sun.

Regulate Temperature 

Helps the baby stay cool during the summer and warm during the winter.

Earth Friendly

It absorbs 35% more carbon dioxide than trees, and the fastest growing “grass”. It’s biodegradable and grows well without the use of pesticides.