Nuna ZAAZ - Le Bébé Chic Boutique
Nuna ZAAZ - Le Bébé Chic Boutique


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Big eater. Messy eater. Playful eater. It’s all good with ZAAZ at the table.

The moment they’re ready, you can be ready for them. ZAAZ is more compact than most high chairs, so it’s easier to slide right up to the table. And since food is to kids what paint was to Picasso, we’ve made sure it’s super easy to clean. Wipe ZAAZ down or just remove the parts and pop them in the dishwasher.

Less cleanup time. More time to play.


  • Dishwasher-safe elements are easy to remove. Load it up and wave goodbye to the mess.
  • Wipes down easily. Perfect for quick and dirty clean ups.
  • Made from super sturdy, durable materials, free from BPA, DEHP, and PVC.
  • Set to the height that’s exactly right for your growing child.  Easy to move up and down wit the pneumatic lift under the footrest.
  • Convertible five to three point harness. Comes off completely
    when the time is right.

The ZAAZ’s harness, tray, arm bar, seat cushion, and footrest all come off—and go back on—with ease. It makes it easier to give baby a seat, and have it grow with them.

And if baby decides the tray looks good enough to lick, it’s no problem. ZAAZ is made of safe material.