Sleeping Bear - Tannenbaum Bath Bomb

Sleeping Bear - Tannenbaum Bath Bomb

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Reminiscent of Christmas morning, this festive treat uses spices and notes of evergreen to bring you the holiday spirit. Tannenbaum brings you the perfect Christmas tree scent with green waters and glittery touch. Please note that this bath bomb is artisan made so allow for some minor differences from those pictured.

How to Use: Simply drop in a warm bath to enjoy green color and holiday pine scent.

Ingredients: sodium bicarbonate, citric acid, arrowroot, fractionated coconut oil, kaolin clay, sodium lauryl sulfoacetate, witch hazel, FDA emerald green, ecofriendly glitter (cellulose, glycerine, water, shellac, acrylates crosspolymer, FD&C Yellow No 5, aluminum)

Size: 4 oz