Stowey Joey - Striped Playmat
Stowey Joey - Striped Playmat

Stowey Joey - Striped Playmat

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Simplify your life with quick clean-up and easy travel by taking your personal space with you.

This all-in-one playmat and toybag is perfect for newborns! The red dots are one of the few colors newborns recognize. Let your little one grow up with their security blanket. And when they’re old enough, teach them about organization by showing them how to clean up their toys by using it as a toybag!

 This waterproof playmat and portable toybag brings your children’s clean play space with them and teaches them about organization.

Congratulations, you’re now a supermom

 Diameter 50″
Machine Washable Yes
Waterproof Bottom Yes
Slip-Proof Yes
Marker Safe No
Top Color Blue with colored dots
Bottom Color Gold